The Problem of Being American
umair haque

This essay is on point. I really enjoy your perspective and have read several of your essays on here.

In college all we talked about was dismantling systems of oppression in order to realize the just and unified world we all longed for. Now over time, I’ve learned the only way to achieve unity is to build unity. We can’t engage in brutal partisan conflict and hope that our side will “win” and the end will magically be unity. The fundamental relationships must change; the way we engage in relationships with other human beings must be revitalized through the virtues that have been taught by every great religious and spiritual tradition throughout time: patience, humility, love, generosity, justice, kindness, etc. It’s a shame that so many would-be revolutionaries of our times see these things as weakness. In reality they are our only path forward.

One more thought. I always think our nation is immersed in the perverted Christian dogma that pits “sinner” against the “saved”, so much so that it doesn’t matter if you were raised Christian. I have mostly been surrounded by irreligious liberals and leftists my whole life who have taken on this exact same narrative-of course the sinners in their framework are conservatives/racists/etc. But there is only one tree of humanity and for better or worse we are leaves on that tree together, not a single one of us is detached from that tree.

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