Thanks for putting the time into such a thoughtful recap.

I used pretty much everything I brought, so no major things to cut, but some weight savings here and there. E.g. my jacket is heavy (but I really like it!) — could save a full pound by going with a lighter one. Can bring a light knife instead of a leatherman. There are lighter stoves. Some people go stove-less and eat cold food all week, or not even food — saw some survive on just Perpetuum or Soylent. My bear can was way bigger than I needed, so there’s a potential for couple hundred grams of weight savings there. Really little things like cutting amount of soap/sanitizer/toothpaste 10x.

I do have a GoalZero solar panel, but they’re heavy and a hassle to use. Batteries have become so light and cheap, that Solar only makes sense if you’re out there for 10–15+ days and have tons of stuff to charge (e.g. big camera equipment).

Definitely Li batteries for the headlamp next time to deal with the cold.

Only thing I would add next time is more tape for blisters (I picked some up at Muir Trail Ranch), and treating blisters earlier and more seriously.

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