Lost coder goes to bootcamp.

Past two years have been all about experimentation. I quit my job to figure out what I really wanted to do. What technologies I wanted to work with, what industries I wanted to work in and how to get there. I wanted to figure out how to own my time and make the most of it instead of just working to earn a living. In the two years, I learnt a lot, and more than the craft I was pursuing I learnt a lot about myself.

In the two years of freelancing (burning up savings), I worked on an EdTech idea, trying to figure out all the pieces that go into turning an idea into a product. There were many new things to juggle like actively finding and attending startup events, workshops and meetups, pitching the idea and refining/pivoting as often as possible, writing actual code. Attending the events was useful and inspirational but at the end of the week I would feel I have more information that I can chew and more paths to explore and invalidate than I could handle by myself. I was spending more time on planning and idea refinement than prototyping. I definitely needed a team to do this, so that became priority, I started looking for people I could work with while learning the languages and technologies I’d need to make the product. On the personal front I had to learn self discipline, it wasn’t easy to work from home on my own project that had no external deadlines. As much as I enjoyed attending tech meetups and meeting wonderful people, way smarter and with more experience than me, I found that so exhausting! I think I’ve learnt how to get more out of the time I do spend alone. My weekly runs and hikes have kept me happy, balanced and calm.

The one thing I’ve been sure about all this while is that, I want to write code because I like to create things. Just validating the idea and pitching in order to get angel investment and great developers isn’t the path for me. I want to be involved on tech side of things from beginning to end. So, my list of skills to learn kept growing and growing and until it became apparent that there was no where to go until I could really code. Not code like college course code or coursera introductory code, but, a wider and deeper exposure to programming, tools and industry standards. One of the reasons I quit my last job in a great company with a great team is so that I could work with newer technologies, instead of getting stuck with legacy systems, a corporate lifestyle and a narrow career path, no matter how (traditionally) rewarding. Whether I work for an exciting tech startup, found my own and do both, I need a core set of skills.

Fast forward six months, I need to accelerate my learning, there were too many things to learn and not enough time so I’ve decided to enroll at a bootcamp! HackReactor/ MakerSquare is probably going to be one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. I’m basically putting my life on hold for 3 months. I think this single hyper-focus is what I need. No distractions, no hanging out, no late night chats with my best friend, no exciting meetups. I just want to push myself and maximize this period of learning that I’ve set aside for myself. Only see the fish eye*, nothing else.

*Mahabharata: Arjuna and the fish eye.

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