Fortune without fame.

It’s not that difficult to become a millionaire in the long term, rather it’s the anxiety of not becoming a millionaire before 30 is what stressing millennial's these days.

The current entrepreneurial environment finds you worthless if you didn’t manage to build a 5 or 6-figure empire before 30. That’s kind of depressive.

There is something weird about this “30” age mark.


Let’s look at the story of a woman who went on to become a millionaire without gaining any fame and she didn’t give a dime about “30”

“Anne Scheiber” : A brief history(1893–1995)

A jew woman who was born in…

Few psychological tricks that can help you avoid making few unfavorable decisions.

I guess everyone one of us has signed a policy or took a decision under someone’s influence that we regretted later. I never took any class in Psychology but I believe few books, majority by some dead eminent authors have helped me in understanding how few forces if overlapped can get us in trouble.

Here goes the Story — — —

2 years back, I was approached by an Agent with a financial policy. My personal experience with Investing did help me to understand the return to risk ratio of that policy and it was not under my favor in regards with to my age (I am…

It’s way different than what we think

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

Blueberries or no blueberries?

Meat-based diet or plant-based diet?

Carbonated drinks or no carbonated drinks

Black coffee or no coffee?

Celery juice or no celery juice?

Olive oil or no olive oil?

Give me a break now.

We shift our lifestyle more often in a single year than Donald Trump replenishes his orange glow concealer pack in the same duration. I am not sure about that but anyways.

Yes, it’s obvious that we all want to live a healthy life till our very last breath but what…

What if we are looking at introspection in a completely wrong way?

I have dealt with self-doubt for the longest time I can think of. What about you?

I realized that these doubts occur because:

  1. I am not giving enough time to myself.
  2. I am dealing with introspection in a completely wrong way.

A creative prison that started taking its shape from March 2020 gave me the time to address both of the above questions. I jotted down a lot.

I know you might be thinking like duh! Who doesn’t give enough time to themselves?

Are you sure that you…

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to!

What made you click on the title? Having trouble getting your articles accepted by publication?

I can relate. It took me time to accept that my shit stinks too.

What if you were looking at this “M” for “Medium” in a completely wrong way?

Here I will share how I look at Medium and its associates and what are the 4 key lessons that I learned after getting rejected by various publications.

Let’s dive in.

Medium as a person:

Let’s face it — Medium is not a person who likes to bitch around! Medium only promotes information not mere opinions (we have comment section…

You need 240 hours of focused work a year.

How was your day, like really? What you feel like doing after work usually? I partied like an animal (yes on weekdays as well) or I was binge-watching. Fortunately, that was a case 3 years back.

I am in complete empathy with you when it comes to decompressing us occasionally. But what if I ask you to prioritize some time of your day “Reading”?

I know, the last thing that you want to hear from someone after an exhausting day is a lecture. …

Would you survive if you were put in a different Universe?

What does it take to survive on any Universe? Do you have enough skills to make a living if stripped out from your current zone of operations? Think about it for a while. I always ponder upon this thought that “Why am I working in a different country?” Is it merely because of the Extractive Political Institutions back in my country (which is not the case) or do I lack skills? …

Why you should concentrate on signal only

You just gave birth to a baby, Congratulation. I am so happy to hear that news though if I tell you that your baby will hear colors after some months, would you flip out? Oh no, I am not kidding, your baby will hear colors and see music. Get Out from here, you would be saying.

Let us understand some neurology today and what it teaches us but before that, you got to adore this piece of fat right here: Our Brain

Now that is an aesthetic visual art though we know its…

Give rationality to your money.

I am 27 and I have been investing a major chunk of my income for the last 3 years now. I understood the importance of investing quite early in my life and I’m glad I started. It’s is a skill that anyone can acquire.

It can be intimidating at first because you will be bombarded with a lot of information. I am not an investor by profession but I always treat myself as one, a huge psychological tool.

Here I have shared 3 analogies that I consistently use:

Analogy 1: Extractive institutions

Russia experienced a huge economic growth under extractive institutions model for almost…

Well, how operating myself in Random Environment is making all the difference in my definition of “Smartness”.

Are you the one who is taking more time than your colleague to solve a problem? Is that colleague of yours labeled as SMART by society? I guess we do have someone like that in every group, may be this is being read by that someone (and you know that you are that someone)

Have you ever stopped and think about the environment that are you operating in right now? Is it an environment in which the solution of X is always Y…

Saurabh Bajaj

A Multi Disciplinary (MD) Enthusiast. A slow learner. A Rational Optimist.

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