Ever thought of an itch?

An itch that never was an itch

Until you gave it space to become,

In that thought.

The very word crawled underneath

Your skin and inched around your body,

Crawling? Was there something actually there?

Scratching doesn’t help of course,

The new creation moves around

Avoiding capture, evasive little shit.

Is it one or many now? It multiplies

Until you’re driven half insane.

You try to ignore it but it just gets worse.

The feeling intensifies.

Someone mentioned fleas before

Or creatures that burrow under the skin

Little mites, unseen.

How would you know if it were them?

Don’t mention head lice now, stop it!

The itch is spreading to your scalp as well!

The thought of it,

It definitely feels like crawling now.

You feel like tearing off your clothes

And studying yourself in the mirror.

Surely there is nothing there,

Unless it’s those microscopic creatures?

Time for sleep, that’s the answer

But then you remember

What is probably lurking in your bed.




Lisa is a writer and photographer who lives with her son, five pets and occasional husband in Northern Ireland. If you want to get more news from Lisa click here.

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