The 30 Day Blog Challenge

I’ve failed again…or have I?

I signed up for a challenge. I was going to really challenge myself. I was going to consistently blog on Medium for 30 days.

Let’s cut a long story short. It’s day 19 and I have missed a few days this week.


I’ve failed.

What’s my excuse? Life? Ha! Surely if I was really taking this seriously I would make time for my writing and I wouldn’t have failed, right?

Well, I’m not so sure I have actually failed. OK, so I haven’t fulfilled the 30 day challenge brief, but I did intend to do it, and it has made me think about writing something every day.

Some of my days recently have been busy with other stuff I’ve needed to do in life, and I’ve not had the time to make a quality post on Medium. I’ve tried to post every day but I don’t like sacrificing quality just to meet the quantity (I have definitely done that during this challenge).

The emotions were negative. I felt guilty. I felt bad. I felt like a total failure. But, I didn’t want to give up.

And then, I realised that this challenge hasn’t been a failure. It’s been quite the opposite. I’ve had the chance to get to know and experiment with Medium, in itself a worthwhile endeavour. I’ve had the opportunity to see fellow writers from the #ninjawriters challenge group thrive and be rewarded for their efforts. I had a moment of epiphany when a fellow writer helped me out with an issue I was wrestling with. I’ve discovered ideas about creativity, new fiction, uplifting posts and have started to become a part of a community. I’ve also become a writer in three different publications on Medium.

All of this spurs me on. All of this inspires me to write more.

I was measuring my success on the number, not on the outcome.

I am not a failure.

In this activity I have met with many small successes and had the joy of seeing others do the same. Time to keep building on that.

Lisa is a writer and photographer who lives with her son, five pets and occasional husband in Northern Ireland. If you want to get more news from Lisa click here.