A Misfit!

I am the story of my emotions

, futile emotions

Or perhaps a misfit!

Drenched with the

Thunderous scream of thoughts

Like a misfit summer cloud

Afraid yet not read to talk!

Pretentious World

And pretty words,

Like a misfit paragraph

In the story of life!

Son, they say move on

For the father, I am

A failed consort or just a walking stone

Like a misfit parable

Of Moral and sins!

Great feathers of glory are now tilted

Leaving me stranded

With my shadow

Like a misfit mirror

Made to shine over moon courteously aloof!

For once, I want to dig

Inside my heart a beautiful grave

Like a misfit cacophony

Of Love and alliances, I have felt!

A walking ego

Or the baggage of desires

A perfect misfit in disguise!

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