It was I guess in year 2011 when the entire India Against corruption movement started like a forest fire and like many other young guns, I too joined the chores and honestly felt the winds of change for the very first time in my lifetime. Things were on track and the entire movement got unprecedented respect and support from every nook and corners of the society because of its non political nature but then the things started falling into the black hole. With the emergence of the Aam Aadmi political party and its ever so clean ambitions and not to forget the saintly leaders, the movement slowly got sucked in to the political black hole.
I hardly form an opinion especially after reading or watching media and up until last year I was in an illusion that the AAP will come back strongly and do what they promised to do; be a change. But honestly I felt betrayed, not even betrayed but cheated as the party and the leadership is not doing what they promised to do and here I am not talking about the development, free wifi etc because we are being betrayed and cheated by almost all the parties since our independence and adding AAP into that list won’t harm anyone in this country. Here I am talking about the character, conduct and the transparency both within and outside the party line which has failed them as a viable alternative party. 
The language they speak is of arrogance and the choice of words is beyond any sympathetic support at least from me. Choice of words from the Kejriwal being a CM for the PM is disgusting in any form of democracy and diplomacy. The party spokesmen(Because they don’t have any women ironically) as well as the top leadership deals with media about any internal issue with one pet line that they setup an internal inquiry and nothing was found against their member, I don’t understand what kind of clean chit mechanism is that. Ashutosh on the other hand was neither the worth as a News anchor nor is as AAP spokesperson, he seems to be in his own cannabis world. 
Expulsion of Mr. Prashant bhushan and Yogendra yadav was dramatic and Mr. Kejriwal who preached democracy didn’t like the idea of questioning himself. The even worst display of drama was on the death of the farmer in the party demonstration; I lost my bit of support for them back then because the part with the difference was also doing the politics on the dead body. Appointment of Parliamentary secretaries; wasting the taxpayers 500 crores on the advertisements that too in the states outside Delhi are few more examples where they didn’t follow the yardstick they laid out before coming to power. To my astonishment even the Dengue awareness advertisement has Mr. Kejriwal’s picture. Donations for election funds with fake addresses; no improvements in the women security; increasing proof of AAP member’s involvement in corruption cases and moreover the induction of the VIP culture are few more disheartening examples about the broken promises. 
One thing that I have noticed which worries me more than anything is the lack of women camaraderie in the party not sure if there is something wrong going on within the party which is shrinking the women leadership; Somnath bharti and Sandeep kumar cases have done nothing but added tadka to my doubts. 
Even at the administration level, I didn’t see things improving and it’s my first hand experience that how the Delhi gets chocked even if it’s cloudy. From past 3 years Dengue and Chikungunya have risen to an epidemic and it’s shameful that in 2016 we are failed as a state to handle such cases. 
Incident of MLA’s fake degree and now the sex scandal of Sandeep Kumar have tarnished the image of the party and now the real characters are coming to the public display. Also not to underestimate the Clashes within the party in Punjab and with the visible power tussle in the state; Punjab might turn into Udta Punjab for them. On the development front also I haven’t seen any good strong decision rather the politics of crying and blaming either LG or PM for blocking the decisions. 
With anger and disappointment I feel that today AAP doesn’t fit into the very Idea which was the reason of AAP’s inception. MR. Aam Kejriwal might be a star campaigner but at the end of the day I don’t feel he is a crystal clear man, his thought processing can stoop to any low level which makes him the same rank politician as we already have. AAP belonged to every volunteer who walked/danced on the streets of Delhi and argued/convinced passionately online and offline. Mr. Kejriwal failed those volunteers, he killed the idea of AAP and he exterminated the hope of clean politics for a generation. AAP got tremendous support in both the Delhi elections as it would seem that the AAP has something for everyone, like the Congress in its early days. There are seven social sins and I believe AAP with time has now committed all these social sins to be qualified as Khaas Party and with that I am resting my hope in a corner so that it can be lifted again by someone in my lifetime:
Wealth without work — Checked 
Pleasure without conscience — Checked 
Knowledge without character — Checked 
Commerce without morality — Checked 
Science without humanity — Checked 
Worship without sacrifice — Checked 
Politics without principle — Checked