Existence Of Love

Universe Within

There is this thing about Love. We spend our entire life to find, experience and share the joy of love in the outside world. It is like a journey of a restless deer in search of his own smell or a rat race in search of water in a Sinai desert. You might be able to find that but it won’t be able to quench your inner thirst for long because it’s not what you were looking for, it is just a mirage a.k.a. an illusion to curb your immediate desires.

Think about it, can you find your emotions in the outside world? Can you seek and feel Love in someone else? Neither science nor religion will help you seek love in the physical dimensions of this universe let alone the world. It is impossible, because to discover and submerge into your emotions you must take a deep dive inside the ocean of your own existence. One by one, Inch by Inch, Moments by moments you need to find the barriers within yourself that you have built against the Love and open them.

Don’t let yourself deceived by the other stories because Life is about unfolding your own myth and create a beautiful Love story of your own.

Furthermore, the love never happens in multiple dimensions it’s an emotion of your own, you discover it and it erupts like a volcano and melts the heart away in a whisk. For the first time, you start sensing the anonymity of Love, you start moving in Joy and you become familiar with your own soul. There was a void in your soul, now filled with the lava of love.

Remember who you are;
A walking ego or an ambiguous paradox;
A silver lining on a dark cloud;
A dream or the dreams inside a dream;
An infant for the rest of the life; 
An ageless thought;
A consequence of stagnation;
A Lover seeking the Life in Motion!!