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Working in corporate for now more than a decade, I encounter following words often — “Leadership, Guidance, Mentor-ship and Coaching”. We all in a way or other have either experienced this directly or indirectly.

Now is this a natural progression of individual’s corporate life-cycle or a choice or perhaps an attribute to one’s personality? To me it is the combination of all three but there is an inherent difference between “Leadership” and “Guidance”.

A leader is the one who doesn’t enforce their view upon others but instills a hope and belief to all those who choose to follow him. Followers in this case might be unaware, lost or fearful of the consequences of their actions but leader empowers them to not only believe in their own dream but also through the bold actions navigates them to the success. The beauty of leadership is that its followers barely knows that the leader exists, when their goal is achieved, they felt like they did it themselves.

The difference between guidance and leadership is of awareness, when it comes to guidance both the guide and follower are in direct relationship whereas guide is aware of the follower’s dream and goal and helps with their experience to ascertain the choices that one has in terms of becoming successful. Another prominent difference is that a Guide can only show you the path while leader walks the walk with you.

Now in between these two, lies the mentor-ship and coaching which to me sounds the same with a difference of one is being designated and other requested by.

Now with all this, there is only one thing that remains the constant i.e.: “I”. And I believe that when this “I” recognizes the self:

It is the biggest leader that can motivate the Self to be successful and set the vibes right for others to become a leader.

§ It is the biggest guidance that one can get to choose the right path.

§ And last but not the least, it is the finest coaching and mentor-ship which will help changing the attitude.

Be a leader you crave for.

An Introvert Writer with Extrovert Thoughts!!

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