The Anatomy of Violence

Today I woke up with a question in my mind- what is violence and why some of us human resort to act of violence? Is it an emotional outbreak or a sign of weaker consciousness or a sign to resist the changes or the fight against the oppression or last refuge of the incompetent?
Well No matter what, the outcome of violence always results in loss of lives and destruction of peaceful harmony of society. Whether it’s a case of domestic violence, communal violence, regional dominance or the act of war, the repercussions of the violence not only impact the immediate moment but also creates a legacy of aftermaths. 
But what is it and why is it; if one thinks with a little bit of common sense at the root of violence is a kind of thinking that attributes the cause of conflict to wrongness in one’s adversaries. And to my astonishment and analysis of the worldwide situation the greatest religion on this planet is not Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Judaism but the pervasive faith in violence. 
Now is it that we human are born with this element of aggressiveness, well yeah up to certain extent we are similar to animals where we try to guard our territory but that’s not violence so do we learn it over the period of time, Nah I don’t think any mother or classroom teaches us about violence so why is it that we become so violent at times? If I see around me (Or even the sample population of my facebook friends, which I generally look up to do analytics :) ) most of us gets easily intimidated or worked up for the things we don’t know and that leads to the violent behavior and even more dangerous the subscription and justification to a certain violent behavior of an individual, society, religion or country. 
So is it our ignorance which leads to violence, yes most of the cases if not all especially when we talk about the communal or regional violence. In such cases the passion and the lack of knowledge and empathy for the people who we term as outsiders along with the fueled pseudo regionalism infused by power hungry politician incites the violence. Furthermore I am amazed to see that the so called Gen X, Y, Z has become more impatient with time and can easily be intimidated by few twitter, facebook or whatsapp posts to incite the violence, The very reason if you ask them many of them will say we don’t know but we are just following the common sentiments; to me it sounds as absurd as it is. 
Another form of violence is the domestic violence and in many cases victims are not even able to come and talk about it. It can be physical or psychological but it affects the fabric of family and the future of the children in most of the cases. 
I think it’s a high time that we should counter the violence and violent behavior of people by love, compassion and common sense. I was amazed to see that how in past few weeks the lone stalker have attacked the girls just because they refused to marry the stalker, this kind of violence can immediately be curved if the people just do not merely witness the act of violence rather raise their voice against it.

Sometimes we get swept away in the hatred and violent emotions and at that moment we become blind to the humanity and that appears to do good but the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent. For me only those who are weak attack others so stop supporting them or being them. We need to ensure that we condemn our family members, religion and even politicians if one is involved in the act of violence. Irony is that we belong to the land of Gandhi who preached non violence and got us freedom but we Indians are becoming violent in our common behavior; if you do not trust just see how people behave on the red lights and even in public area. In the end I will only say that my inward journey will continue in search for the human inside me and to pave the path to let other finds the human inside them — “Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander”.