The Middle Caste

We are living in 21st Century where there are more people active on Social Network than in Society. Youth Survey 2015 finds that 98.2% users within the age group of 18–25 in India have already caught in the net. With these many people online round the clock, the social media has become the biggest playground for people to share, shape and reject the opinions with just one single click. We tend to drift with the shift in the Socwiety (Please read it as Social Networking Society).

We are United by hate and divided by the politics. We find it easy to form an opinion rather than having one, we hail the hidden devil and condemn the naked truth. We are the people shouting loudly for the Civil Rights, Lower Class Rights, Minority Rights, and Majority’s Voice on twitter, facebook etc but we never go out of our comfort to actually work for them.

We are the people who believe on a Facebook post more than our friends and family. We all are champion of women right (For thank God there is women’s day) but we are the one who see every passing woman with the same lust as the person whom we dislike on facebook doing the same few moments ago.

We don’t find our Heroes anymore; actually we just pick them from the available lot of trending people as they become our Hero.

We think we are liberal or secular but we are not; in our conscience there is software that profiles everything. Every person we talks to, religion of that person, political views of that person actually shapes the personal relationship with that person. Whether he or she is right or left winger, whether he or she liked my posts on facebook or not makes us profile that person and put it in our Close Friends list or in Acquaintances.

We talk about Clean India Movement or India against Corruption Movement but what we actually do is to change our Facebook profile picture and then constantly monitor how many likes you have gathered on the shoulders of these movements and boast about it. How many of us actually pick the litter from the ground and help making the country great? It takes pain to go out in scorching hot sun and do the service than typing few sentences sitting in the comfortable AC.

We chant about nationalism; we chat about the constitutional rights but only from the close window of the Google Chrome. How many of us have actually read the constitution? We spend more time writing and fighting about equality and reservation but in the end we are the one who still want to see someone from lower caste to do the cleaning than why we don’t boast the reservation for the General caste.

We find it easy to connect to the world and vent out our emotions and reactions without caring much if people are actually listening. That gives us the freedom of speech per say and good thing is they can’t see into our eyes when we are liking, sharing or commenting on another person’s freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is not only about what you can write on your facebook wall, you become the freedom of speech champion when you can hear your own voice without any prejudice.

We all try to fight against the pollution and crib a lot about bad public transport system but what we not do is to use it. We prefer riding our preferred vehicle to continue living the luxurious life we have but since it is easy to talk about it we do talk.

We seem to argue and justify each and every thought we share blindly with Socwiety and though people call it debate but it’s not the one. We feel with every opposing comment that it’s a direct attack on our philosophy but we forget that we neither permanently standby that share nor knows whether it is true or not. We do this to feel supreme about anything, as debating in public forum might ridicule the very idea of our existence.

We can face thousand people online but in reality we can face none.

Large matters of National Interest such as Corruption, Communalism, Capitalism, Constitution, Nationalism, And Religious Independence have often been debated on the social sites with much more passion than the real issues of daily life. Governments after governments have been elected after the strong campaigning on the social media such as Central Government of India and the Government of the Delhi. The Dictators around the world have been thrown out by the power of youth who are able to share their anger with an ease of not being seen or heard physically by the dictators. While the medium is excellent for mass contact, it is defiling the concept of eye contact, though there seems to be no dearth of oxytocin, the ‘love’ or ‘bonding’ hormone. More and more youngsters are falling in love on the social media or using it to increase their friend circle.

In Reality we are dumbfucked selfish socio intellectuals. At the end of the day we still care more about the income which we are going to generate and tax which we can save by hook or crook because that’s not our definition of nationalism. When we are in a situation where it’s a matter of life or death, we pray all the Gods because then it’s not about majority and minority. When it comes to get the Job for our own self then we don’t boast the reservation. We all care about corruption but most of the time we ourselves will offer bribe to the Policeman if our vehicle is stopped. We want to see clean India but that India is not an India as a whole, in reality it’s just our house and few feet of road outside it. We crib about our appraisals ratings, Salary and rising inflation but did we ever work for our Jawan’s and kisans’s until it was posted on Socwiety.

Here we are, the Middle Caste who is neither right nor left, who is fighting for his own survival and can easily be labeled as either one or another. We are the Middle Caste who will never be benefited by any political party because we are not the vote bank; we are the Middle Caste who can only crib about rising taxes but since we can’t go out and take Morcha against it we often get unheard. We are the Middle Caste who is passionate about anything and everything as long as it is not affecting us. We are the Middle Caste whose religion and Caste doesn’t matter. And I am one of them, the proud Middle Caste Man.