My home, my city, my love — Bangalore
Nikhil Jois

Very Nicely Written Article Nikhil, i can understand your concern or should i say the pain. I have lived in Bangalore for many years and I call this city my Karma-Bhumi. This land has given me a lot my first job, my first home away from home and moreover the friends and family who never let us feel that we are away from home. I always believe that in this global scenario the rapid growth has created more problem than solutions to most of the major cities of the world. And it is not only the responsibility of the locals to welcome people but also the people who moved to adapt to the particular city’s language and culture. It is the common notion of us Indians to easily denounce any system and society which in any way foreign to us but i think people often choose the easy way out. I consider Bangalore as much as close to my heart as my brith place or any place I have lived and I condemn all the people who criticize and plant hatred based on language and regionalism. There are few good people and more bad people but it is our job to convert the hatred into love and work toward a better future and better Bangalore not only for Bangalorean but also for everyone who is aspiring to be a Bangalorean. A city of Garden, Lakes, Karnatik Music, Pubs, MTR and many more gems. #Dhaynayawada

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