Android Oreo Emoji Pack

After the official launch of Android Oreo, here is a view on it’s new Emoji Pack. Believe me, Oreo Emojis are Delicious!

Every one is going towards the Flat Designing Trend and Google is actually making it look great. With it’s Material Design and now the latest Emojis Pack. Whatsapp is also not behind with it’s new text status update using which you can put text on a solid colour background with different fonts, colours and obviously with WhatsApp style text formatting (bold, italics, monospace, etc.). Anyway that’s not the topic here. So here is a list with the look and feel of Android Oreo Emojis.

Aren’t they beautiful? The full list of the first Category (Face Emojis) is down below.

Hope you enjoyed! ☺🤯🤺