IN the Absence of Her Mother!

11 months old Bihu seems quite pale, exhausted & unhappy firmly wrapped between the arms of her father and her 3 years older sister Saanvi, was standing disquiet next to them. They were standing outside their home waiting for me to reach them. The moment I reached, he handed over Bihu to me and instantly rushes to the hospital.

I entered the house with my fingers locked with Saanvi’s and my arms around Bihu. The luggage was all unpacked stacked at the corner of the room. They got back from their Grandparent’s home the previous night. It was midnight when their mother experienced some difficulty while breathing and the situation worsened within an hour. She was taken to the hospital in a flash. The girls and father spent the whole night in the hospital.

I reached them at 08:30 the next morning as I was intimated by their father. They both were too young to understand the situation, but very surely they could sense that something is not going well. They were bone-tired and their battery was completely discharged in the absence of their mother.

I cooked for them, gave them a bath and made them sleep. They seem quite better when woke up, but still, the spark was missing. Their father took Saanvi to visit her mother as being 3 years old she was permitted to, but Bihu was not. Saanvi was all charged up after meeting her mother while Bihu started losing it. She was missing her mother badly and apparently, she gradually started eating less, playing less and even sleeping less. She couldn’t speak out her feelings, but her eyes and behavior were speaking it all and resultantly it started affecting her health too.

Her body temperature started fluctuating, her eyes were red and swollen as a consequence of constant crying and her face went pale. Medicated, she showed some improvement, looked better, but it was evident that she was still not feeling good at all. Her eyes were in constant search of her mother, she refused to get down on her knees to crawl and play with her sister. She spent the whole day hanging in the arms of her father and mine. Her pain was so evident that everyone was feeling it helplessly. Even the house helper hesitantly suggested taking Bihu at least once to her mother. But unfortunately, all such requests were already rejected by the hospital authority.

The next morning God heard the unsaid prayers of this little angel and the doctors recommended to discharge her mother by the evening. At 04:45 pm mother entered the house while Bihu was sleeping. She went into her bedroom and quietly lied down beside her. After a few seconds Bihu felt someone’s presence and slowly opened her eyes to check and her eyes went wide open when she saw the face of her mother next to her. She touched her face to ensure she is there in real, she watched her for a while but refused to go to her. I wondered why!

When everyone gave up after an hour long struggle to convince her to get to her mother. Her mother stands up and called her “Bihu!Bihu!Bihu!” her enchanting voice filled Bihu’s heart with joy and she crawled hastily to catch her and embraced her hard as if she is telling she won’t let her go away ever and didn’t even leave her for hours — that day.

She was life again! Got her charger back and was now 100% charged! And so was everyone. Every corner of the house blossomed with her mesmerizing giggle and revivified with her buoyancy.

It was not one of those very serious or intense incidences, but it showed me a very beautiful aspect of life. It was very astonishing for me to see how a toddler innocently conveys her emotions without speaking and how effortlessly and clearly we understand them. The exchange of emotions between a mother and her children is not something that I was experiencing for the first time, but this particular incidence did have something special that it got stuck in my mind and I cannot resist sharing.

Baby Bihu and Sister Saanvi