Intuition for Decision Trees!

My younger sister always says, I’m bad…when it comes to lying!, and i ask her how can she conclude on this. She quoted the below points:

  • Well, when you are lying, you develop a small smile while saying out the sentence, that means you are proactively thinking about whatever story you are building.
  • Then suddenly you deepen out your voice, which is one big sign!…and many more.

My objective is not to tell you how i lie😅, but using this example, now assuming two features as smile_while_lying(true or false) and heavy_voice(true or false), she is able to conclude target variable (lying or not lying). …

Constructive, effective, beneficial, conclusive, definite, etc. such words are synonyms of word POSITIVE. Now if someone asks you to place these words in one of the bags (POSITIVE or NEGATIVE), which one would you choose?

POSITIVE right!. And what would you call a BAG with such words? Cluster of WORDS with same importance/same root word/even same origin, now this is where we have concept of CLUSTERING and forming CLUSTERS comes onn!.

If the above explanation was not clear, let me be more naive/formal: Grouping together ACTION Movies in a PLAYLIST, assembling all different types of TOOTHPASTES in one section and then later on dividing them based on PRICE/SIZE, clubbing together different types of ANIMALS under one SPECIE (example CAT FAMILY). …

There are lot of things which i learned in my life and looking forward to learn more onn. The one thing i learned is being a Team Player. Nah! This post is not going about on how to be a team player but yes, teamwork is essential. Recently i got my hands on Google Play Store Data and there were two main questions on my mind:

  1. Movie: Social Dilemma
  2. Can i help bring some hard real facts too?

So, i took a dip and brought some stars into it by including 2 of my brodas!. We took it in sense of a Project and named it: Google Play Store. Now here, we used GitHub as our Source Code Controller. This thing really changed the way in which a team can work. We all had our git branches, created 4 columns of To-Do,In-Progress,Review,Sprint1,Sprint2 and Done. …

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Hey guys, hope you all doing great and to start with, this is in continuation to my last 2 blogs, where we discussed about Hands-On Diabetes Prediction, followed by explanation of Logistic Regression and how it was helping in our Hands on application.

  • The support and feedback has been very kind and it makes me more passionate towards delivering and helping the community.

This post is very much in continuation to that, as here we will be discussing one more algorithm which we used in our Custom Pipeline, SVM(Support Vector Machines).

We have to understand what and why as we did for Logistic Regression, the same has to be considered for SVM too here. I was thinking to chime in the MNIST fashion dataset for this blog and DL model which I tried, but that would deviate from the topic in hand, so let’s start. …

Hey guys…Well i’m back. I took these 10 days to cool off/re-energize and watch the Champions League Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals. Well to be honest, i was disheartened with Man City being crashed out and Bayern thrashing Barcelona. But that’s part of the game….right!, the best team wins, but no one misses the chance like Raheem Sterling. 😂

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Miss of the decade!

Goodluck to the teams (PSG and Bayern Munich) for the final.

Anyway, scoring a goal or not scoring is one of the best example for Binary Classification problem. …

Hey there everyone, I am Atul, hope so you will keep me in your brain-cells after this post. From Today, i’m starting a series of blogs which will answer the below questions for starter:

  1. What is Data Science?
  2. Why do we need Data Science?
  3. How do i approach a Data Science Problem?

These 3 are the very essential questions which i feel should be in the vein of every aspiring Data Scientist, but it’s just one Man’s Opinion!.

My Motive:

  1. Perform a Full Hands On in order to give a gist how things work in a Data Science problem.
  2. Then explain the Hands On using some great analogies and how does the work done by us can help in the real world. …


Atul mishra

Data Scientist @WIPRO and Tech Enthusiast. Trying to make this world a better place.

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