ETHLend Bounty Campaign

ETHLend is a decentralized lending application that is running on the Ethereum blockchain network. ETHLend solves the issue of trust by allowing borrowers to pledge ERC-20 compatible tokens or ENS domains as a collateral. Once the borrowers has gained reputation, they can loan without the need of a collateral by the use of Credit Tokens (CRE). Each repaid loans mints 0.1 CRE for every 1 ETH. 0.1 CRE allows to borrow without a collateral up to 0.1 ETH (1:1 ratio). If the borrower does not repay the loan, the whole CRE balance is burned (permanently deleted). ETHLend also solves the issue of volatility by allowing users to base the loans in USD (transactions in Ether, calculations in USD).

ETHLend Token sale will start on 25/11/2017 and end on 09/12/2017

Help ETHLend to spread the words of platform to world and earn free LEND tokens. Total bounty budget is 25 million LEND+2.5M LEND for social media campaign from week 3 onwards. Distribution of LEND tokens will proceed after the end of token sale and token distribution for investors.

Distribution of Bounty as follow:

Social Media: 7.5 Million LEND(+2.5M LEND from week 3)

Signature Campaign:m 7.5 Million LEND

Translation Campaign: 5 Million LEND

Blog And Media: 3 Million LEND

Social Media Campaign:

There was a many different bounties under this campaign like, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram, Discord and for some selected regional people like for korean KakaoTalk, For Chinese WeChat. Social media camapign has a busget of total 10 Million LEND tokens. Join in regional tasks only if you speak that specific language. All the token will be paid after end of ICO. For more details please visit ETHLend official bounty campaign link.

Signature Campaign:

Signature campaign participants will get distributed with 5 million LEND tokens equally. you must have Jr Member of bitcointalk forum to join signature campaign. You have to wear ETHLend avatar to get qualified for bounty reward with 1250stakes. Payment will distributed on the basis of stakes per users. You have to wear avatar and signature untill the ICO end to receive bounties. You have to post atleast 50 post in the forum and posts should must constructive.

Extra Reward: If you wear both avatar and signature till the ICO end you will rewarded with ETHLend T-Shirt after the token distribution.

Translation bounty Campaign:

5 million Tokens will be dsitributed to participants equally. If you thinm you are fluent in your local language and language which was available in Bounty campaign you can join. You can translate Announcement thread, Bounty thread, whitepaper, website translation. If you think your language is not available you can suggest and get participate if they allow. Your translation must be own writtten not used any translator tools.

Blog or Media bounty Campaigns:

5 million LEND tokens are avilailable for distribution for blog and media participants. Youy can participant even if you dont have own blog or website, by publishing article on free publish platform like medium and steemit. LEND tokens will distributed on the quality of video and article, 125000 to 25000 tokens.

For more details on ETHLend Bounty Campaign is available here: Official Bounty Thread