Exchange Union Coin Bounty Campaign

The Exchange Union Coin bridge digital currency exchange equally to all and realize cross exchange trading, cross exchange clearing, deposits and withdrawal between varies digital currencies and assets. This improve efficiency and performance of exchages and make it available in suitable price.

Exchange Union Coin announced bounty campaign to spread the words of Exchange Union Coin. Exchange Union Coin will pay all bounty rewards in XUC tokens after the ICO end on 31st Aug 2017, it may take atleast 2 weeks or more.. 100,000 XUC tokens will available for bounty campaigns.

There was a 6 different bounty campaigns in Exchange Union Coin’s bounty campaign.

20% for Social Media campaign
15% for Blog/Media Campaign
15% for Translation Campaign
30% for BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign
5% for Slack/Telegram Campaign
15% for Other bounties

Social Media Campaign

Facebook and Twitter are under social media campaign. 20% of total bounty funds will equally distributed between facebook and twitter participants. 5 stakes per week will alloted for every active participants. Participants must have minimum 200 followers on Twitter and 10 freinds on FB.

Blog/Media Campaign

15% of total bounty tokens will distributed to accepted blog and media participants.Your article must unique, meaningfull, on topic, video must show website and explain well. Every article or media will divided into 3 categories depend on article quality. Article must have 500 words exclude space. Video must be atleast 1:30 minute long. Must have main website link and whitepaper link on both. On free blogging platform only one article will accepted from one person, three articles will be accepted from premium blogs or website. To show that this article is written by you, you have to add your BitcoinTalk account username below every article and in video add it in description.

Translation and Moderation Campaign

You can earn high amnount of XUC tokens from this campaign if you can translate their ANN thread and whitepaper and moderate it. 15% of total bounty pool will distributed to translators and moderators. ANN+Bounty thread translator will get 150 stakesplus 5 stakes per valid post. 200 stakes for WhitePaper translation. You should not use any type of BOT to translate, google translator or any other unexpected tools to translate. If you found using unnecessary tools you will get blacklisted from campaign. You must keep thread active by publishing news and motivative post related to topic. If your thread will inactive you will disqualified or will get 50% of paument. Before translation you must have take permission from bounty manager, if you done translation work without permission you will not get any stakes ot rewards.

BitcoinTalk Signature and Avatar Campaign

25%of total bounty pool will be paid to signature participants. Here payment will be added every week. Minimum you must have Jr. Member on the BitcoinTalk. During Crowdsale participants have to post 50 posts on BitcoinTalk, must wear avatar and Signature during their participation.

Slack and Telegram Campaign

Here 5% will available for users. You just need to join their Slack and Telegram group and should be active in group without spamming it.

For more details please visit their official bounty announcement thread.

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