PayPie Bounty Campaign’s

PayPie is the world’s first decentralized (blockchain based) accounting platform. Or can say world’s first blockchain based risk scoring algorithm. Risk involves in the financeial sector is never get defeated till now and in most of the major industries of financial sectors are at the core in risk score analyzing like auditing, credit insurance, and compliance.The risk score market for business is permeated with discrepancies and inconsistencies that create a challenge for the third parties vetting them.

PayPie bounty campaigns are live from 9th Ocrtober and will end on 15th november on the same day ICO also get ended.

To join PayPie Crowdsale visit here

2,200,000 PPP tokens will be distributed to bounty participants and will divided as follow:

Videos Media: 450,000 PPP
Signature Campaign: 250,000
Blogs or article: 150,000 PPP
Social Media Campaign: 100,000 PPP
Translation Campaign: 70,000 PPP
Slack Moderation: 30,000 PPP
Bounty Reserve: 1,250,000 PPP

Videos Campaign: Videos Campaign is alloted with highest budget 450,000 PPP

If you have skill to create and upload qualitative videos, you can join in this campaign and earn upto 1500 PPP for your video. Your published videos with 10 plus minute will get 1500PPP tokens. Dont copy someone’s else videos. Minimumlength of videos must be 2 minute. You can use graphics from website, announcement thread, facebook or twitter, whitepaper related with PayPie platform. Participants must have to add official websites link and official whitepaper link in description box. Videos will get accepted only in several selected languages, English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish.To prove that you are the person behind the video or video’s everyone need to add their profile link in his video.

Signature Campaign: Budget for signature campaign is of 250,000 PPP tokens.

payments will be on weekly base. You must have jr. member of forum to join signature campaign.If you are wearing avatar of paypie you will be rewarded with 50 addditional stakes. participants have to keep their signature or avatar untill the end os campaign. Must to do 50 posts before campaign get end. As a campaign is on weekly based you have to make 5 post every week to get qualified.

Blog or Article Campaign: 150,000 PPP tokens are decided to allocate in this campaign.

You can earn upto 200 PPP per article or minimum 20 PPP tokens with low market weight. Copy paste articles are not allowed, if team finded you as copy paster you will get disqualified from campaign without noting you. You can use graphics from official heads like website, ann thread, whitepaper or facebook. Article must have a link of official website, official whitepaper link, your profile link to prove ownership, and article should have atleast 500 words. You are not allowed to publish article on more than 3 website with preimium domain. you can publish 1 article on free domain or platform

Social media Campaigns: Three different bounties under this campaign with total 100,000 PP tokens available.


Limited for 100 users to get participants. You must have atleast member rank to join. You have atleast 50 connection on your profile. Accounts must be older than 2 month.

Twitter: Not more than 400 participants are allowed to join in. Particiapnts must have member rank on BTT forum. Follow official twitter of payPie and get 20PPP tokens. For more details please visit official thread.

FaceBook: All the rules are same as twitter campaign.

Translation Campaign:

70,000 PPP tokens are available for this section. Translators can choose translation of whitepaper, announcement thread to translate. You can also work as a moderator and will rewared with 10 PPP tokens per post. For joining you have to join slack group.

For more details on Bounty Campaign please visit Official Bounty Thread.

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