Don’t React. Act!

Are you a reactor or an actor?

According to Merriam Webster, to “react” means: 
“To act in opposition to a force or influence — usually used with against”

Reaction is an emotional answer.
It is typically triggered by happiness, love, hate or fear. 
These feelings can be helpful.
But equally unhelpful. 
Emotions tend to hijack our brains, and when that happens, it makes it hard for us to react rationally, in the moment.

A good thing about problems is that 80% of them are solvable with action. Much more than we like to remember. The other 20% typically falls in the unsolvable category. Which is also good, because there’s absolutely no reason to worry about things we can’t change. Let alone engage with them emotionally.

Reacting is working against the problem. 
Acting is more like working with the problem.

Reacting is talk. 
Acting is energy invested (of the kinetic type).

Which one do you choose to be?
A reactor or an actor?