SOLAR ECLIPSE- New Moon Pisces #FullMoonFullFigured

The Sun feeds us energetically, it can help us feel enthused and energized , it can help us overcome negative feelings. We are approaching the season of MardiGras and Carnival, party-goers and thrill seekers the world over will be attending these festivities sporting vibrant clothing , indulging in pulsating music, colorful costumes, food , spirits and so much more. This Solar Eclipse in The New Moon in Pisces can help us reflect on uplifting our vibration in any way we can.

The watery sign of Pisces will have us “in our feelings” ( the young folk say!)

Use this Pisces season to listen to your inner-world. Do you need to escape ? Do you have a dream journal? Take a soothing bath or head to the beach or hot springs if you can. If you are not headed to New Orleans, The Caribbean or Latin America see if your town will be hosting regional activities that celebrate carnival season. Head to the movies or the theater to see a romantic movie or play. I’ve posted a special meditation for ya too! Be well Dear One!

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