This thing about being thankful has bitten me badly. It’s like the run on the treadmill. Until I do it my brain goes on bugging me.

Why is being thankful so potent?

It’s been 17 weeks of writing thankfulness posts every Thursday .

My blog hop with my friends keep me writing regularly on my blog.

That’s another reason to be thankful for.Real and thrives on friendships .

Relatives we are born with ,friends we make .

So that makes this crazy journey called “life” more fun.Thats why I married my best friend from college .To not let a day go without talking to a friend!

Thankful for all people reading my blogs here and everywhere.

Thankful for finally getting my perspective about how much you can interfere in “other people’s” life.Even when you mean to help it’s not always appreciated.

Stepping back and looking with fresh eyes does help.

I tend to be clear about truth and the grey shades if life .But the greys in my hair seem to tell me

All truths are Relative

Whatever that means will come to me.Hopefully soon.

Don’t forget to say thank you.