Lets all of us unite, act responsibly and contribute in successfully conducting this Grand Festival of ‘Nabakalebara RathYatra’

It’s very sad and disheartening to see such mismanagement and recklessness during the ‘Ghata Paribartan’ ritual by both the Temple administration (govt ) and Daitapatis but now we all are worsening the condition by our reckless comments and outrage influenced and fooled by the Media and Politicians. My appeal to my fellow citizen is lets stop being toys and getting fooled by the Media and Politicians. Media has over exaggerated the issue for garnering good TRP and politicians playing the same old game of blaming and asking resignation of officials.

If these people are actually concerned why don’t they meet the officials or suggest in public what improvements and steps that can be taken for smooth functioning of further events and managing the issue created now . Flashing the breaking news by media and politicians asking for resignations is just intended to raise the emotions of public and nothing else.

We also should stop over reacting and making comments like abandon daitas from temple and close the temple office. It will be good if we can stop doing that and rather suggest practical actions that can be carried out in the time being.

Yes strict infact exemplary actions should be taken against the Daitapatis and others who are responsible for this disgusting act. But i guess these actions should be taken only after the completion of Rathyatra so that no further interruption is caused in the upcoming events related to Nabakalebara and Rathyatra.

Government also should be more responsible and take things a bit seriously. It should be clearly stated to all Sevayats and officials that no matter what their position is if they are found guilty in their work; strict actions would be taken against them.

Above all lets all of us (sevayayts, politicians, media, govt and public) unite, act responsibly and contribute in successfully conducting this Grand Festival of ‘Nabakalebara RathYatra’ — - — #JaiJagannath

Also read my suggestions: https://goo.gl/259AJT

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