My suggestions and appeal to all my fellow odias for smooth conducting of Nabakalebara

For citizens:

1. We should stop overreacting and posting comments like shut down the temple administration, ban the daitapatis, govt official should resign and all such hatred stuffs. I understand it’s a very emotional thing for us but we should responsibly act to this situation

2. We should suggest/ask govt of the measures it should take for the smooth functioning of further events associated with the Festival.

3. We should give feedback to media to not over exaggerate the things and act sensibly covering this sensitive festival. (although i suspect media will ever listen to it )

4. We all should in positive way promote the Grand festival and the rich tradition associated with it

For Government:

1. Take things related to Nabakalebara and Shree mandir with utmost priority.

2. Appoint a spokesperson who can speak on behalf of servitors or daitapatis.

3. Issue guidelines to servitors of what to disclose and what not to. The language and the way the daitaptis gave interview in news channels after the Ghata paribartan was very pathetic.

4. Strict and exemplary actions to be taken against the culprits without any politics into it.

5. Chief minister or any other responsible minister should supervise directly and held the discussions with the servitors, everything shouldn’t be left to temple administration.

For Media:

1. At-least forget the TRP and publicity of their channels in case of shree Mandir and it’s rituals. They should stop exaggerating issues and toying with the emotions of millions of Jagannath devotees