The Shit you find when the Snow Melts

If April showers bring May flowers, then March snow storms bring… a bunch of muddy shit you forgot you left outside!

Like, a seat cover for the F150 we sold back in February, and a giant pile of leaves that have been there since, oh, probably October 2015.

This wet, soggy glove.

There’s my grill cover!

Oh good, I found the other glove…right next to the pool, where it should be.

And this my friends…this is truly disgusting! You see, the gentleman we bought this property from left behind some of his things — and by some of his things I mean a lot of CRAP! Here is the garbage pile we started while cleaning the barn out… IN SEPTEMBER! So I guess I can’t really bitch about Jim leaving behind a bunch of crap, when we can’t even follow through on throwing it out. Come on Davis’, get it together.

And finally, something that we really could’ve used during the winter months… a huge bag of salt!

Ask me if I picked any of this crap up while walking around snapping pictures… 😂