Lead HW 5.11

Board Meeting

“This is the third year we’ve lost enrollment. The future looks bleak,” Assistant superintendent of Hattiesburg board of education said.

Enrollment has dropped for the third year in a row, taking the total number of student from 1,050 to 200.

Faculty in Plane Crash

Five people were killed in a plane crash that happened during takeoff at Kennedy International Airport Thursday, but two professors from Backwater State University escaped injury.

The plane, returning from New York City in the evening, held 45 passengers and crew members. Among the uninjured passengers were two faculty members from Backwater State University, associate professor of rural sociology John Dumont and associate professor of English George Johnson, who ended up on the same TWA jet although they were traveling back separately from two different conferences.

Meeman Speaks

Pulitzer Prize winner Norman Meeman spoke Sunday at the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library, sharing some controversial thoughts on school curriculum.

The audience of 67, mostly english students, listened to Meeman share his thoughts on writing.

“You can’t be a great writer by imitating the styles of prize-winning authors. You’ve got to get out and sample life, learn how other people live, and then let your inner feelings pour out. These parodies they assign in college English courses are a bunch of hogwash,” Meeman said.

Professor Wins Award

The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania declared the 32 winners of the annual George Washington Honor Medal.

Clement Crabtree, a professor of horticulture, was among the medal winners. Crabtree was cited for his essay called “Plan for Peace,” in which he urged distribution of free packets of red, white and blue flower seeds in foreign nations.

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