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A fun project that could spread kindness and not germs

I think it goes without saying that the world is going through a crazy (and scary) time right now. And while quarantines and social distancing have a very important place in hopefully ridding the world of this virus, it still isn’t an easy thing for anyone to do.

While having our normal routines stripped away from us is difficult and frustrating, my heart really goes out to the parents who have to try and work from home (if possible) and now home school.

My heart also goes out to those in our communities who are on the opposite end of…

Because asking strangers to help you tie your shoes can feel a bit weird when you’re twenty-six

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It has been my experience that having a disability of any kind can prove to be awkward at times, especially when you’re an adult (and even more so when you’re a young and seemingly healthy-looking adult.)

I was born with cerebral palsy on the left side of my body, which for me means that I am completely dependent on my right side for any and all tasks.

Even though my case of CP is considered mild it has certainly come with its own challenges over the years, some of which have become more emotionally taxing as I got older.


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Yes, you read that correctly

I think it’s safe to say that most people love a good success story.

We love to listen to the inspirational tales of people we admire and look up to and see how they took an idea and managed to turn it into their dream come true.

These are the stories that inspire us to do better and motivate us to do more. These are the stories that we hope that we’ll be able to tell one day when we have achieved our biggest goals in life.

Yet so often, we find the enthusiasm and spark that these stories give…

Because the only thing worse than never writing anything good, is never writing anything better.

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I refuse to believe this isn’t a real fear that every writer has, or at least has had at some point in their lives.

It’s a fear that rides on the coattails of every literary success we achieve, and one that seems to be lurking around the corner every time you get asked, “So, what are you going to write next?”

It’s a fear that can easily trigger a massive flare-up of writer’s block and leave one editing for hours on end, only to still feel unsatisfied with the finished product. …

The test is worth some radiation, trust me

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Studies have shown that only about 50% of women get annual mammograms, even though it is estimated that nearly one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives, making it the second leading cause of death for U.S. women.

My mother became that one in eight, and tragically passed away from metastatic breast cancer last year, thus beginning my mission to help encourage the women in my life to make sure that they were taking care of their breast health.

So, when I discovered how low the actual percentage is of women who are getting such…

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Stop believing these if you want to be a great writer

“Writing is easy, all you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”-Mark Twain

When I first started writing I didn’t think I’d be very successful at it, not because I believed I wasn’t good, but because I had in some way or another been led to believe the many harmful lies that are negatively affecting new writers. Below are three that I find extremely problematic.

Lie #1: If You’re Not An Overnight Success You’re A Failure.

One of the big misconceptions that the internet (namely social media) has created is the concept of “overnight success.” …

It’s hard to write just one sentence a day, and that’s the entire point

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I wanted to be a better writer but to be honest I didn’t really know how or where to start. I had heard the countless advice of people advising fellow writers to make sure that they write every day, and while I loved the idea in theory, my writer’s block still left me at a loss for words.

Telling myself to write every day while going through writer’s block felt like trying to run a marathon after Thanksgiving dinner, you just know it’s not going to happen.

If I went over to my laptop thinking to myself that I had…

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Why the music that helped you out in your teens is still relevant throughout your adulthood

If you think it’s impossible to feel old in your twenties, try mentioning to younger generations the kind of music you used to listen to when you were their age. While I was at a friend’s house for dinner one night, her kids decided to talk to me about music and seemed very curious about the type of music that I listened to when I was younger.

I listed the bands I liked, whose names were either met with giggles or, “Oh yea, I think I’ve heard of them.” They then proceeded to list off the names of bands and…

A successful outcome is the direct result of a risk you’ve had to take at some point in your life

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It was 11:11 A.M. on November 11th, 2011, when they took me back for my leg surgery. I was eighteen and it was the first major surgery that I had that was 100% my choosing. I signed all of the paperwork myself and understood that however this procedure went would be because of my action to allow it to go forward. The nurses entered my room and began to wheel me out after one last hug and kiss from my parents.

“This is it, there’s no going back now,” I thought to myself.

Even though it was just a leg…

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Some of the most isolated population is suffering, and in more ways than one.

If there’s one thing having a physical disability has taught me, it’s that sometimes, no matter what our minds want, our bodies just won’t cooperate.

I’ve experienced this first-hand many times in my life, especially after a tough orthopedic surgery. I was young, and still wanted to act young, and yet suddenly it seemed as if all my body wanted was to slow down. I couldn’t behave the way I wanted to, and it was not my choice.

As I dealt with this frustration, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was how many older individuals felt. It got me…

Marisa Krause

Fiction writer who loves writing about life experiences. I believe the more we share our stories, the more we can help others.

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