Couch Cushions

Trash and Treasures

Who would have ever thought that flipping my couch cushions would:
1. Be so difficult and time consuming, 
2. Give me such a strong revelation and conviction?

As I was sitting on my super comfortable and God blessed couch (God blessed because I got an originally $1500 Crate-and-Barrel couch for $FREE.99-praise the Lord, thank You, Jesus!), I realized I hadn’t flipped my couch cushions in a long time. For those of you who are unaware, if you’d like the life of your cushions to last longer and not be misshaped, flipping them once in a while will sustain the life span of your cushions (you’re welcome!).

Anyhow, as I endeavored to flip my couch cushions, I realized I needed to move everything off of the cushions before being able to flip the cushions. I decided to just shift the items I had on the cushion I wanted to flip to the cushion NEXT to it. What I failed to realize was I’d have to move those same items back or to the next cushion to flip that cushion… (this is where the time consuming and difficult part came into play). On the surface, the couch looked clean; however, after further inspection, I found that under the cushions and on the base of the couch, it really needed to be cleaned and dusted. It was at this point that I couldn’t believe how dirty it really is underneath our couch cushions-everything from trash to treasures! I found dust, dirt, debris from food, a french fry and even some money (it was only 10 cents but still…). But it didn’t end here. After dusting everything off, I had to sweep the floor and then ultimately throw everything away. If it’s not swept and thrown away, eventually, it will slowly make its way back on the couch again.

What started as just wanting to flip my couch cushions turned into an hour long process that involved moving things off the couch cushions, flipping the couch cushions, cleaning and separating what was found under the cushions-trash or treasures, sweeping what fell to the floor and ultimately throwing it all away.

This is where I noticed that cleaning under my couch cushions was some what congruent to how I need to clean my spirit and soul. From the outside, things tend to look clean. However, under further inspection, I wondered how there are things in my spirit that need some cleaning out because of dirt, dust, and debris that may have collected. I even realized I have something like a “french fry”; which, at one point was delicious and served a purpose, but is now just sitting there-drying out and rotting.

The God-blessed free couch is my body; which, has been purchased for, by the blood of Christ when He died on the cross for my sins and my transgressions. (So technically, there was a price that was paid, but I didn’t have to pay it; He paid for it for me.) Now, in order for me to cleanse my spirit, I need to make a decision to move things that are outwardly visible. These things might not go away immediately; and if I’m honest, some things are just shifted to a later part of my life before they are dealt with.

Next, in order for me to flip the cushion, I had to dust off what was under the cushion and what was on the base of the couch. I paralleled what was found under the cushions to what could/would be found in my spirit/soul: unforgiveness, anger, strong-will, depression, insecurity, jealousy, anxiety, lust, greed, selfishness, the list can go on and on… But not everything is considered bad (trash). There is such thing as righteous anger and God gifts us with different “bents” to help with what He has called us to be/do in life (treasure). Regardless, I know these are things I need to deal with and learn to let go of or how to properly channel. There are times where I think I have dealt with my problem but in reality, it’s still sitting on the floor, waiting to be picked up and brought back onto the couch again…

This is where revelation and conviction came in. My spirit needs to be flipped once in a while to sustain me, so that I won’t become misshaped. I need to learn how to sweep and take out the trash! Most times, God is dealing with something in my spirit that I think I’ve gotten rid of, when in reality, I’ve flipped the cushions and dusted everything off, but it’s still sitting on the floor waiting to come back on the couch. I haven’t finished cleaning by sweeping it up and taking it out. Let’s also consider that there is a treasure God has placed in all of us-He has a plan and a purpose for our lives. I need to prayerfully come to God and ask Him to reveal this to me so that I can take the treasure He has placed in my spirit and put it in it’s rightful place.

To be honest, I can’t do any of this alone. It is only through the help of the Holy Spirit that I will be able to fully let go and/or learn how to properly channel my problems. I need to be able to separate the trash from the treasures and begin placing them in their rightful place. Being in the Word, praying, being in community and recognizing that it’s not going to be easy but never giving up is the ONLY way my spirit will be ever be fully restored to it’s original state that God intended.

My prayer is that everyone will recognize the value of having their spirit flipped every once in a while so that God can fully remove the trash and return lost treasures. It’s not an easy process and it will take time, but don’t give up, nothing is too hard for God.

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