Obstacles in life are our greatest Teachers.

Last week was filled with a lot of anticipation and feelings of ‘newness’ as it was the first full week post holidays. Everyone getting back to the grind with their routines.

Well, January 3rd I hit an unexpected obstacle which triggered my emotions and put me to the test.

I was double billed by an insurance company in a significant amount. After spending most of my afternoon on the phone between my bank and the insurance company, who admitted it was an error on their end, I was able to resolve the issue. The aggravating part was I had to wait at least 10 days to get my reimbursement.

A situation like this unfortunately happens often. In my case this was hitting rock bottom, but for a completely different reason than the stress of being double billed.

I put a positive twist and look for the good in different situations. But my patience, faith and ability to handle an unexpected obstacle like this were all put to the test.

After releasing my emotions of anger and frustration through many tears, I took a time out, vented to a trusted source and reassessed everything. Things always find their way of working out is what I remembered. I prayed, trusted the process and let go of the outcome. By Friday, January 6th, everything aligned and did workout for the best.

I know you have experienced challenges in your life that at the moment seemed impossible to overcome, but you did and learned how strong of a person you are. Maybe you’re going through a challenging time at this moment, don’t give up!

Here are my 5 Tips to help get through some obstacles in life:

1) Let it Out

You can be the happiest, shiniest person and allowed to get mad! Life isn’t always sunshine and sprinkles, and as human we experience different emotions and it’s healthy to do so.

2) Ask for Help

This is a great sign of strength. We are put on earth to learn and be of need to one another. Attempting to do everything ourselves causes do more harm than good in the form of stress, anxiety and burnout. Also, look to connect with someone who also has been in your situation or one similar for guidance and support.

3) Trust the Process & Be patient

This tip and #4 may be easier said than done when you’re not in the right frame of mind, but practice them. Believe everything will work out as it’s meant. No matter what your belief system, trust that the outcome will provide a valuable lesson. Patience…ugh, definitely not an easy thing to do in challenging times, but take a time out before jumping to any conclusions or making major decisions.

4) Don’t dwell on the Past

The past is done, don’t waste your valuable time dwelling on the “I should of..”, “I wish I never..”, and so on. The past cannot be undone.

5) Never Downplay your Problems

For example, someone may mention a minor health condition that is disrupting their lifestyle, but use a statement such as “At least I don’t have it as bad as…”. That drives me crazy! Worse when someone else says it. We are all dealt with things and handle them in our own way. Something that is so minor to one individual may be a major issue for another.

“Things always have their own unique way of working out for the best” -Angela Maria Cruz

Can you recall a time when an obstacle taught you a valuable lesson? What are some of the steps you took to work through it?


Angela Maria Cruz