Talk about your problems

Life is good, but it’s definitely not easy. Everyday we make choices based on the values and beliefs instilled within us, and those choices shape the outcome of how we live. But, life also presents its challenges that may be completely out of our control.

Last week, I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia after some routine lab tests called for concern. According to the results my body is getting sufficient amounts of iron but my cells won’t absorb the mineral. I have further procedures ahead to determine the exact cause of this and while it’s going to be a somewhat long road ahead while also battling with hypothyroid disease, I remain optimistic.

I’m not sharing this for pity, attention nor to complain about my health issues, but with the intention of being authentic. Many people complain about things that are based on a choice they made, and want sympathy. When the issue is related to something we have no control over I believe it’s important to share with others who may be experiencing the same issue or something similar. This builds trust, connection and support among one another.

My passion for a living a healthy lifestyle influenced me to strive for a career in the fitness and wellness industry. Though we can take the best care of ourselves, we are still susceptible. In 2011 when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism that was a wake up call. This inspired me to take massive action and follow through on my dreams. Now with this latest diagnosis, you bet I won’t stop chasing after them!

One of the greatest compliments I get is when people tell me that I’m an inspiration. That means the world to me! I appreciate the simplest things, choose to be happy and find the good in everything. My motto is “break the rules and never settle”…and why would I? Why should you?

Life is way too short to settle for anything less than what we deserve, time is flying by, we have this one shot!

So take good care of yourself. Eat good food, exercise, surround yourself with good people, don’t complicate things, enjoy life and whatever dreams you have just go for it!