Unconditional PG-13 True Meaning of Being a Teacher

I was looking for something to watch on YouTube because I was super bored. I found this movie called Unconditional. I’m, what I guess you could call it, going to review it and talk about it.

The movie was mainly about a man, Joe and a woman, Sam who were friends since they were young. The boy came from a very rough family and had a harsh life but the young girl accepted him as a friend when others wouldn’t. They grew a part. After an accident they met again and often hung out together. They got to see how each other grew up. The man did well in the beginning however got sick and it went downhill. The woman had her husband murdered and lived alone with a given up dream as a children’s writer.

Even though the Joe lived in the projects and did not have much of anything at all and was very alone and sad and still very sick he used his free time with the children in the neighborhood. He would reward them for getting good grades and having straight A’s in school. This would help them to have something to look forward to, a motivation to do well and perspire. All of these children lived in the projects and most of them with one or no parents. He would post their good grades, drawings, and accomplishments for many to see. He had a connection with these children deeper then I have ever seen. It was intense. Joe would watch them play and do anything they asked (within appropriate reasoning) and overall treat them like a father. They all called him “Papa Joe.” He gave them a perfect role model, someone to admire even though he himself had been in jail before and gotten into trouble. He made sure to teach them though that, “You are NEVER alone” there are always going to be people around you.

Before her husband passed away Sam was an amazing children’s writer. Inspiring in fact. In the movie there was a flashback to when her and her husband were camping. She was drawing and told her husband the rough draft of the story which stuck in my mind.

“Once upon a time there lived a little Oriole named Firebird. Firebird just lived for the sunshine. He would bask in that glow for hours. But when the rains would come he would complain to his mama. He wanted to know why God gave the storms power to take away the sun. His mama would just smile at him and say, “You’ll know someday when you take a walk on the clouds.” Now, over and over again the rains would come and over and over again little Firebird would complain to his mama. Until one day a huge storm rolled in and his mama had a different answer, “It’s up there waitin for ya,, you just have to see it for yourself.” Little Firebird was scared. He hadn’t used his wings much at all and he went up into the great unknown. But instead of answers he was met with lightning, and thunder, and howling wind. He feared it would rip him apart. he was about to turn back when it happened. He broke through the clouds and there it was; more beautiful then ever.And in that moment it all became clear. No storm could take the sun away. The sun was always shining. It was as constant as his mother’s love. He just needed to take a walk on the clouds.”

*Highly recommended Movie!*

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