Things my neighbours do that aren’t annoying enough to complain about but are still really annoying…
Tom Mitchell

There used to be a family next door to us who’d let their daughter sing on the karaoke for ages — and always the same song, Ronan Keating’s ‘Life Is A Rollercoaster’. She used to do it when ER was on TV on a Wednesday night. Eventually my mum, who’d been poorly, went round to explain that it was annoying.

More recently another family seem to argue on an evening when I am watching something; it seems that the daughter was crying a lot after. Another night she was singing along to Alexandra Burke’s ‘Hallelujah’ (X-Factor winner massacring a Leonard Cohen song, not the Happy Mondays/Kirsty MacColl song). So, as it was not long after Cohen died, I found Mitch Benn’s parody ‘Stay The Hell Away From Hallelujah’ on YouTube and played that as a response.

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