Working From Home: Comfortable and Effective

Many people are ditching long commutes and crammed public transport for home working. Even Amazon’s star engineer is teleworking from his yacht, docked near Hawaii. And, why not? You are closer to your family, save time and find inspiration and strength to do your best in your home. However, before you take a decisive step to make your home your working station, there are a few things to consider.

Designing a comfortable yet efficient home office is essential. You want to be more productive, not less. That’s the main reason you are staying at home, right? Inspire your work and meet specific needs with the list of tips from our experts below.


Every successful endeavour starts with careful planning and organization. Creating a home office isn’t different. For instance, choose a room that you will turn into an office. Don’t go for your bedroom, as it’s a place you associate with rest. Working on the sofa is also not a brilliant idea because you are going to get sleepy often.


Natural lighting is essential. Therefore, at least one window is a must. However, a bright desk lamp will be necessary for evening or night work.

Clear the Clutter

Make it a rule to limit the number of items you keep on your desk. Place sentimental or decorative items on an adjacent shelf.


Pick a room that can be used all the year around if you live in a place with four seasons. Although you might be tempted to use your sun room during spring and summer, it might prove to be fairly unpractical when you have to pack and move when cold weather hits.


Good chair is essential for your success and health at the same time. Proper seating can be a path to a productive day or a shortcut to excruciating back pain. Shop around for an ergonomic design. You can find good, quality chairs at attractive price.

Make Room for Essentials

If you are pressed for space there are lots of options to aid you in your struggle to make room for all you’ll need. For instance, buy all-in-one machine — printer, fax, scanner and copier. Equipment in your office is as important as anywhere else. It makes one’s life just a bit easier. Take advantage of vertical shelves. You can also put tall bookcases along with the shelving.

All You

As it will be your home office make sure that all your gadgets are password protected. Imagine what will happen if your kids download a game with a virus? Then all your sensitive information will be compromised and you could be out of business for few days!