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A Medium Experience — How Talking to Dead People Changed My Life

Let’s begin with the obvious — that writing about metaphysics in any way, shape, or form is not my usual forte here on Medium, although perhaps it should be, since I am an energy wellness practitioner and an intuitive in my own right.

But talking to dead people? That’s not in my wheelhouse.

And let’s face it — due to the high volume of, shall we say — nongifted — mediums out there online and popping up at your neighborhood psychic fairs like dandelions in a summer lawn, it can be hard to determine who is “the real thing” and who’s a poser.

Plus, I wasn’t sure if I really believed people could commune with the dear departed anyway.

Fortunately, I had a chance encounter with a medium here in my hometown of Wimberley, Texas that forever changed the way I think about life — and death.

I met Melissa Kleen from Raven Moon Healing Arts as a Reiki student and was instantly aware of her energy. Who wouldn’t be? Her warm, welcoming manner lights up a room and her honesty and integrity show in the way she teaches and the way she approaches life in general.

But I didn’t know she was a medium when I took her class — and, at the time, she probably wouldn’t have called herself by that moniker, even though she’d been communing with spirits for years. For her, talking to dead people was a normal part of her day.

For me, not so much.

So, I was completely gobsmacked when, in the midst of a lesson, Melissa turned to me and said, a bit sheepishly, “I am hearing that I shouldn’t tell you this next part, because it might hit a nerve.”

I looked around the room. All I heard was the low sounds of Reiki music drifting through the air. The look on my face must have said it all, because Melissa was quick to explain. “Oh, Spirit is speaking to me — this happens all the time.”

It does?

Coupled with the fact that I’m not the kind of person you can tell “I’m not going to tell you” to, I insisted on further explanation. What exactly was it that I shouldn’t know? Melissa hesitated, but I pushed her until she relented. But instead of giving me the what, she addressed the why.

“Well, they say you’ve lost a child and you might still be grieving.”

How on earth could she have known that? My children, a set of quadruplets, were born over a thousand miles away over twenty years ago. I lost a daughter, Samantha, at one month of age.

And she was right, I was still grieving. Before I could react, she continued.

“It was a daughter you lost, right?” I nodded. “She is here, telling me you did the right thing.” What Melissa could not have known was that my husband and I had to make the devastating decision to take our daughter off life support — an action that haunted me all these years.

After I got past my surprise, I had a million questions. How did Spirit (or Spirits) speak to her? How often did this happen? And, most importantly, could I get an actual reading?

Long story short, I got my reading — my first one ever — about a month later when Melissa went official with her mediumship and it was nothing short of amazing. She relayed messages from my father, my mother, and even my maternal and paternal grandparents — messages about things that were so very personal, only I could validate them.

In other words, stuff got real.

Melissa’s gift is authentic. And suddenly, death isn’t so very frightening to me any longer. The spirits she speaks to come through with their personalities and senses of humor (or lack thereof) intact. For all their lack of form, they remain in some ways so real you may feel you can reach out and touch them. They talk to one another on the other side and look for ways to send messages through to us, letting us know they are still there. They long to right wrongs, to be understood, and to let us know that, ultimately, things will be okay.

Maybe not right now. But someday. Maybe not here on earth. But somewhere.

It is the ultimate comfort to know, definitively, that as energetic beings, we do go on after we shuffle off this mortal coil. And we will meet again those who have gone before us.

As for me, I have become an enthusiastic believer in mediums — or at least one of them. For all of you looking to step into this world, I highly recommend the medium experience. To find an authentic medium, try find one through word of mouth rather than a Google search — there’s a lot of fakery out there.

And whatever you do, prepare to be amazed.

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