Once Upon a Time… BUY THIS!

In today’s society, marketing has become so competitive between brands for attention from their target audience. To make their content more marketable to the public, companies are using the ancient art of storytelling to sell their products and brand. Storytelling, as we know, has been around as long as humans have been on this earth. There’s proof of ancient story telling in artifacts such as the pyramids or even ancient caves. Nowadays, we are using storytelling to convey an emotional message to the users about the power of the brand and how it’s shaped the consumers life.

Obviously, the term “storytelling” is a controversial term in the realm of content marketing. It implies somewhat of false advertising or “made-up” stories about the product or company. However, we can agree that “storytelling” in today’s age is not fictional but more sharing of real-life experiences. Experts such as Lee Odden agree that it is a key tactic for content marketing in today’s new era. His quote below really summarizes the key concepts in storytelling and it’s value.

(Image was found at i-scoop)

My opinion on the matter is very similar to the experts. Not that I would consider myself an expert in content marketing; but like any consumer, I can see the positive effects of storytelling. Too often in PR and corporate communication, we overlook the important element of emotion (porternovelli.com). Emotion is key to being able to grab the audience’s attention and make them passionate for the content that we (the company) are providing. Expert Danny Devriendt gives another great example of storytelling with content marketing in the picture below.

(Image was found at i-scoop)




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