Talk Dirty To Me

Dayy Robinson
4 min readJun 23, 2019

Until him I never had a man that would feel comfortable talking nasty while we were getting down. My ex was too shy and afraid. I’m a SCORPIO for crying out loud. I want it ALL!

My daddy likes to slide inside very slow so I feel every inch. I feel it all as he gets deeper and deeper. I take a deep breath and let out a moan that he tells me sounds so good he could fill me up right then and there. I love that shit. He grips my ass while he grinds slowly in between my legs and he starts talking to me. “Damn baby, you’re hella wet. Nut all on daddy’s dick.”

I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. With every stroke and every word. Sometimes he hits my walls too good that I move away. He wraps his arms around my legs and pulls me back down on his dick. “Where you going baby, take this shit. Ain’t no running girl.” Then he goes as deep as he can and holds me tight so I can’t move. I waited for this kind of sex for so long and he always delivers, every single time.

I try to close my legs when he’s hitting it too good and I can’t handle it. Then he tells me, “Open up them fucking legs. Take all of daddy’s dick.” He doesn’t know what he does to me when he talks to me like that. It makes me want more and more. It’s one of the reasons I’ll never stop loving him and one of the reasons I always come back for more.

Round one goes crazy. We’re both full of energy. He loves it when I fuck him back. When he gets on top and drives my body crazy I hold him close to me and grind with him. When he wants back shots I throw it back at him. I look him in his eyes to see how he likes it. His face is always so sexy. He bites his lip, or he’ll look at me and tell me he loves me as he hits it harder and harder.

Round two is always minutes after round one. I finally found my match. He fills me up two times before he lets me have a break. After that first nut my pussy starts gushing as he keeps stroking. I like when he gets me so wet we make puddles on the bed. My pussy loves the way he makes her feel. I get so wet he slips out. “Put that dick back in that pussy.” I just love that he knows how to talk to me.

He doesn’t even have to tell me that much though because I’m always on it. I want more anyway. I love the way he feels inside my stomach. He’s the only one that can make me squirt. He holds my legs open with all of his strength. “Whose pussy is this, baby? Tell daddy whose pussy it is?” I love telling him it’s his. “You gon' cum for daddy?” He knows I’m going to squirt for him.

My legs start to shake and that’s when he picks me up and puts me close on his body. He says he like to feel what he’s doing to me. He loves it when I’m shaking and when he makes me weak. “I love you, daddy.”

Third round always happens in the shower. I love when I tell him I want to shower alone so we don’t start again. He waits until I'm all clean and then he comes in and gets his face wet. It feels so damn good cause I’m still feeling the aftershock of our sex. After he comes up he bends me over. And before I know it he’s deep inside again. I notice he always takes his time with round three. He knows my body better than my ex man did and I love that. He knows to take it easy and I don’t have to say a thing. He pulls me up to him and he talks in my ear, “You love me baby?” He knows that I do but I tell him again anyway. “When you gon give daddy a baby?” He has to know I want to so bad when he talks to me like that. He’s so BAD!

He always tastes me a lot during round three, and I love the way his mouth feels on my pussy. He knows how to fuck me with his tongue. “Daddy wanna taste you again. You ready to feel daddy’s tongue in that pussy again?”

Sometimes I’m not ready. It feels too good sometimes I can’t handle it. He makes me take it and I love that. Dominance turns me on. So he goes down on me once again. I try so hard not to squirt on his tongue but he wants it. So now I don’t hold back, I give it all to him. We always end it there. He washes my upper body and I wash his. I finish washing the rest of me and I get out and wrap myself in my towel and go lie down. I try to recover from the fact he leaves me so weak.

He stays in for a bit afterward. When he gets out he likes to take my towel off to see my body. That’s when I go for his dick again. It’s my turn to taste him. I want to make sure he gets his release too. I love pleasing my man.

When I notice he’s looking down at me I look up at him and my eyes meet his. I’m always trying to tell him I got him with the way I look at him and I think he gets the message. “Damn that shit feels good.” He tells me that every time. I suck his dick until he cums.

Damn our sex is so amazing.



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