How do you Love a Stubborn, Moody, Single Mom

Have a lot of patience. For she is lost, lost in track and in need of your guidance. She acts strong but she isn’t. She is so fragile. Why? People in the past damaged her, hurt and left her, and it made her hard and cold. If she needs time for her self, let her. Do not think that she doesn’t love you anymore. She needs time for her self too.

Give love like there is no tomorrow, like every minute is the last minute.

Efforts — very important. Effort makes her feel that she is special and worthy of your time.

Forgiveness — for she will surely make you cry. Make you scream, make you want to give up because of her attitude and mistakes; which she doesn’t mean at all.. Still forgive her. She doesn’t know what she is doing.

Lastly, stay. Stay no matter how hard the situation is. No matter how messy things get. You will overcome it. Just stay. Don’t be like those people who left her before. Stay, she needs you, she just acts like she doesn’t.