The Science of Making Bold Decisions and Avoiding Regrets in Life
Benjamin P. Hardy

I worked for a company for 3.5 years. During that time, observing how the owner “ran his business” chipped away at my faith in humanity. The deceit, the raw greed, the sexual harassment… All depleted my organic positivity.

I always went above and beyond what was expected of me (part perfectionism, part personal work ethic) and was continuously told that I was “nothing but an expense.” Completely devalued. Severely underappreciated. Inevitably, I couldn’t help but wear the wearing down of me.

I had always told everyone how much I despised my job and then I stopped sharing for awhile — well — because no one likes a broken record. I was done bringing everyone down…

Then I started up again, but this time with intent. I WANTED to tell people I was going to quit my job because the more I verbalized it, the more I heard myself saying it which is a powerfully persuasive tool, almost like a subconscious call-to-action.

I don’t like having a victim’s mentality so I knew I would hold myself accountable if I didn’t act . I hoped one day it would be enough for me to tear myself away from this domestic abuse-type emotional attachment…and one day…it became enough.

I shocked my friends, family and former coworkers with my resignation letter. I even heard from ex employees who knew how toxic that place was, congratulating me from walking the ef away and not looking back.

It’s been 2 months today since that day and I’m now in the midst of doing something I’ve been told to do for a large portion of my life…pursue my passion for writing. Thank you for reminding me how far I’ve come. You are truly inspiring and I have faith I may do the same for others someday.

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