Under [Constant] Repair

Build, repair, pick up, hide the cracks, paint again, present as renovated (with positive attitude and a smile) and show it to the world. How long will last this renovation?. Hidden under the constant repair, just waiting to be worn out and repeat the process. Please do it hopeful and full of energy or it won’t work(or the rest won’t buy it).

This goes to you, yes sir/ma’am, the forever dreamer with all the tools your pockets, ready to take over. Making big moves, and making yourself proud of every step taken. I know you can make it, you know you can make this happen but wait… something came up. No way, again, ran out of energy and replaced every inch of will with doubt, Oh Crap! here we go again.

You know this feeling pretty well, yes, yes, we are back to that room, with little air to breath and many things to say. with the walls getting smaller as we speak cause’ we ran out of fuel to continue this battle. So you walk out exhausted, let down, you squeezed every single drop of your heart shaped sponge once again. You’re familiared and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But, while ago you never understood, this unnecessary process you put yourself through is useless and the panorama continues to be the same. Your tools are still hanging in your pockets and your heart shaped sponge is getting squeezed by the wrong hands. Hands that might care but tend to hurt, hands that want to understand you but they can’t, or hands that have no idea the amount of will power soaking your sponge.

Nobody but you can really nurture and take care of this masterpiece, take care of it, please don’t be a structure Under Constant Repair.

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