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The following sites and apps make a modern writer’s life much easier. I’ve been using some of them for years, some of them are my new discoveries. They’re all free to use — the basic versions. If you’re willing to invest in your writing career, you can upgrade to the pro versions.


What’s the number one most important thing for a writer? — Not to make any grammar mistakes. No matter how good the content is or how talented you are; if your piece is full of typos and mistakes, no one will take you seriously. …

At this point, there’s less than a month left of the official summer, but that cannot stop us from enjoying every last minute of what’s yet to come. So as both looking back to the summer we had, and to give you some last-minute tips, here are the 2018 summer pop culture trends that I think are worth mentioning.

These trends are the ones that I’ve seen the most on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and even in real life situations.

It’s coming home

Originally a 1996 song by the Three Lions called Football’s coming home, it was a song…

Erika Dragu

Lover of literature and everything pop-culture.

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