Resolutions, I guess

If we’re talking about job experience, finance, and learning, 2015 was a good year to me. I guess this 2016 MUST be even better.

So here are my top 10 resolutions, or GOALS I must accomplish. The following are not utopic shit like “get 100% fit and go on a diet”.

1. Learn finance focused in Graphic Design

Unfortunately, people in my country think Graphic Design is CHEAP and ALWAYS MUST BE. That’s bullshit. I charge what I think, and what I want according to my experience and knowledge, and sometimes … yeah it’s kind of expensive to some people and they get scared and never talk to me. So, I guess I need to learn more about financial topics, how to sell my services correctly and convince my clients that they are investing in good design.

2. Learn to swim

Yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing, but I don’t know how to swim correctly. I mean, I can float and swim like a dog *laughs*, but I guess I won’t be able to survive if i’m dying in the ocean. When I was a kid I had terrible experience in swimming classes, phobia and all that. Last year, I got a free swimming class like a try-out, and it was AMAZING. Never in my life felt so ALIVE! I forgot where I worked, what I do for a living and forgot about people. The only thing in my mind was water, floating and breathing well so I could do my slow laps. So, definitely I gotta get to it!

3. Learn a new programming language

I’m between JavaScript and Python. Don’t know why, PHP scares me since I don’t know too much about servers nor I have my own server. So I guess one of these two must be the chosen one.

4. Get a couple more tattoos

Yeah, tattoos are awesome when you do it for yourself and have strong meanings to you. I have some ideas I gotta put in my skin. Mom can’t say anything since she owns 5. So, YOLO!

5. More photography

I stopped using my camera a couple years ago. Such a shame, since when I got it I took photographies with it almost everyday. So, better stop using my phone, and start making some art, you know.

6. Savings

I’ve never been a person who saves up money, but now it’s the time! I need a new computer and I must save for my trip to NYC when I graduate, so definitely, need to complete this task.

7. Get more clients

My clients are few, and they ask for designs eventually. Little by little I would like to get more clients with good taste (ok, that’s very utopic). Ok, at least, I would LOVE to build new brands ❤ it’s such a beautiful feeling when you do that and clients are so happy.

8. Use my bike more often

I bought a bike this year, and I must say I don’t use it too much. But when I do it feels awesome, and I ride it in the evening, close to when the sun sets. Feeling the wind is awesome and run some errands close to home too.

9. Learn a new language

I’m interested in learning new languages, I don’t know, maybe I will have international clients someday, who knows. I was thinking in learning French, Italian or Portuguese. I’m more interested more in French, it’s a little bit familiar, since I took a brief course long ago when I was 13 years old.

10. Finish my studies

Ok, so I closed my curriculum in college, design curriculum. Guess what? There are some courses I need to take that has NOTHING to do with Graphic Design, such as “Nazareth Jesus”, “Human Development” and even more weird courses.

Let’s see what happens this year. And sorry for my rusty English, I guess, the more I write, the less rusty will become.

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