Entry #2

It was a usual Saturday, 11th of June, 2016, 4 o’clock in the evening the time when I usually check my Snapchat: my friends’stories. Ronnie had posted a very cute picture with his girlfriend,Bella who is also my best friend. They’re so cute together. They’re definitely couple goals. I was checking the stories and suddenly one of them said RIP Christina Grimmie. I’m just like what? Is that real? Is it a hoax? Did I read it correctly?

I couldn’t digest the fact. I kept hoping that it was just a hoax and that she really didn’t die even though I’ve read articles about her death and have seen the tweets that @OrlandoPolice have posted on Twitter.

She was a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. She was so young (22) and she still had a lot to show and prove to the world. It’s sad because she was very talented and had inspired many with her words and music. I was one of them.

Christina.G, you’ll be missed.