Don’t call me mom

Don’t call me mom.
You don’t really think of me as your mother,
you just want me to cook for you, take care of you, be the adult.
Don’t call me mom.

Generations of black women have worked themselves to the bone,
for others who like to call them mom,
but do not give them the full agency of that title.

Mom just means I want something.
Mom never means, what you do want?
What do you need?
Don’t call me mom.

Do you call your mother?
Do you worry about her?
Do you make sure to lighten her burden?

Pinky, 1949

Do you call me just to talk?
Do you know the things that weigh on me?
Do you offer to lighten my load?
Don’t call me mom

Your ‘mom’ is meant to elevate
but not too much
just enough
to get what you want,
what you need
don’t call me mom

Not without the respect
Not without the honor
Not without the care
Don’t call me mom

I’m not your mammy.

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