Don’t drink enough water? Try this.

Serena Bright
Aug 1 · 1 min read

I’ve noticed that drinking from a traditional plastic bottle is much easier than from a proper glass or a sustainable water bottle. Why?

Oh! I know why. The narrow mouth of a bottle! Tried chugging water from a glass? It requires extra energy to make sure the water is not flowing on your face.

The traditional plastic bottle would never have a wide mouth! These companies would lose money because people would carry that bottle in the bag all day taking guilty random sips.

Now, tilt the narrow-mouthed bottle and 16 oz could be in your system in less than a minute. I am not a health practitioner, but I sense that this is not a healthy way to drink water. Refill a few more times and you can reward yourself for hitting your goals!

Yet, I’ll take that over dehydration, that has become a traditional state of being for me. Now I am carrying a glass bottle from mineral water with a narrow mouth, of course, and refill it, to keep it sustainable, and show our ocean some love.


Serena Bright

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