Too busy to work out and too much passive time at work? Try this…

Serena Bright
Aug 15 · 2 min read

Sitting through the long meetings or lectures that require your complete presence, peak attention, and active listening, while not being able to get involved in the conversation is hard!

Back pain?

Too busy to get your exercise?

Let’s make the lemonade from those lemons.

Why wait until the end of the workday to either go or skip your workout?

Your body is craving it, and there are always ways to not only stretch but also strengthen the muscles and get proper alignment of your spine.

The solution is to get up and stand by the wall and… do the wall sit! This article shows what you need to know, but, really, just mimic the picture!

Upper or lower back hurts, or both?

Stand by the wall really closely, trying to completely attach your entire back to it. According to multiple studies, better posture also improves confidence and mood.

Standing by the wall might be the safest, cheapest, and more sustainable solution than going to the specialists who would align your bones to where they belong. Proper alignment needs muscle support. This is why this daily exercise could improve your posture and the muscles holding it in place will strengthen.

The simple technique is:

  1. stand really close to a wall
  2. push your lower back trying to touch the wall as well. This could relieve tension in your lower back
  3. also push the back of your neck, elongate and stretch it upwards
  4. stay a minute or two, increasing it to 10 minutes

That’s it!

Now, back to work!

Serena Bright

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