How to ‘break the internet’.

Kim Kardashian West won the first ever Webby award for ‘breaking the internet’. Your company should take notes and heres why:

Break the Internet

What exactly does this phrase mean? Well, one who “breaks the internet”, generates a large commotion on the web. They cause different social media platforms and different news outlets to all discuss the same thing. In essence, if you can break the internet you can become the news, and this is good news to any business that wants to flourish.

Why should your company try to ‘break the internet’

The internet is truly one of the most powerful tools that can be utilized by a business. If used properly, it can be extremely helpful for reaching a target audience. The importance of a social media presence is often overlooked by anxious entrepreneurs who are very excited to sell, but can not understand why not enough consumers are not buying. A business should research the demographics of popular media websites to effectively determine how to maximize its market reach. The more people that know about your product, the more people who could buy your product.. any good entrepreneur already knows that. So break the internet. Get people talking about you. As of 2017, Instagram has 700 million monthly users, are you ready for maximum exposure?

There are many ways to use the internet to the advantage of your business. The internet allows consumers to give nearly instant feedback on tools, products, and even ideas.. and usually, the consumer is just as grateful to share their opinions with you just as much as you are grateful to read them. When your business is present on a popular social media platform, it provides consumers with an easy, hassle free way to communicate with you.

Use the internet as an international market place without the trouble of travel; millions of people from all around the world are at your fingertips.

Get creative and discover thousands upon thousands of way to use the web to grow your business farther than you may have thought possible.

Maximum exposure: Operation ‘Break the Internet’

Before you carry your business to the world wide web, you should make sure you do your research: find out where everybody is. Your social media presence will mean nothing if you are virtually absent from trending media platforms. A good corporation knows what people are talking about, and it is important to have someone on your team who is personally aware and can stay up to date with all popular topics and lingo. A tech-savy team of nerds might not make the proper social media decisions to keep their online presence relevant by themselves.

And with that, operation ‘break the internet’ is in full swing. Make your business big by feeding off of the benefits of social media, and truly shatter the internet.