The New Experiment

I’m lying in here, under the sheets, with a cozy grey sweatshirt pulled over my eyes. It’s pretty classic except I can’t find anything to watch on Netflix and the further I scroll I get more eager for a film that will transport me out of my bedroom and into the realm chic darkness that my black heart craves.

There is a bag of Boom-Chica-Pop on my left & I am getting crumbs everywhere.

So what shall it be? Pulp Fiction? What kind of a writer am I anyway? I’m not sure how to approach this.

I am going to set up an experiment for myself and write personal things on the inter web daily. It may prove to be pretty dramatic and it may be more-or-less dysfunctional than selfies on snapchat. It could be uplifting. If someone stumbles on this and chooses to read further, I am so incredibly terrified.

How do people write uplifting incredible things daily anyway? I don’t mean to acknowledge the elephant in the room but I have a pretty big conviction that they are faking it. Please. Everybody’s watched the Ted Talk. Fake it until you make it, right? People do a good job.

Alright, so, when you do something repetitively, you get really good at it. This is why I am going to give it a whirl and start with one of those lists:

Five Reasons Why I Should Post On Medium Instead Of Writing In My Journal:

  1. I want to be a storyteller (eye-roll now). Shall I elaborate?
  2. I want to be a digital marketer. And I know it takes some level of organization and communication. So here I am writing a list.
  3. Because my stacks of journals are dinosaur means of communication. If I am lucky my first child will read through them by 2234 considering that they find the vague instructions in my will to dig them out of a field.
  4. So I can inspire others. I can be pretty creative.
  5. So I can get all of this deep dark creativity out of me so that it doesn’t find strange ways to destruct my life. I am pretty transparent.

I am a big admirer of people who can express themselves so easily. This may be a search for my own voice. It may not have direction. I am self deprecating. One thing is for sure. It will not be funny. I am not a funny person.

So between my last minute laughs and inner turmoil, I’m hoping I can get through this without sabotage. Sabotage is last thing I would like to approach when writing on the big bad web.

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