What would you do if you were given $10M?

If I were given $10 million dollars to begin a company, I would create camps for kids across the US who are deeply affected by anxieties caused by the use of technology. The purpose of this company would be to bring kids new experiences in nature, sports, and social situations that shape everyday life. It would aspire to build confidence, inspire leadership, enhance empathy, and make a difference in the way children interact with each other, technology, and the world around them.

The focus of the camp would be to teach kids how to use technology to enhance their lives and prevent technology from becoming a destructive distraction. The camp would help kids use technology in a meaningful way to encourage social interaction. It would specialize in providing experiences in teamwork and use emotional intelligence on three separate levels:

I. Camping in the Wild: The objective would be to help children who suffer from technology dependence to navigate the outdoors and bring them in touch with nature and their internal compass.

II. Creating Innovation Camp: This would be a place where parents have the option to send their children to teach them how to balance their use of technology. The camp would allow for the development of useful apps and make use of the imagination of children to discover new skills and identify tech purpose in the world.

III. Camp for Champs: A place for kids who may struggle in areas such as math and hard sciences to display adept skills in navigating social situations with integrity, leadership, and empathy to each other. A space where kids can dive deeper into their education through the arts, emotional intelligence, and technology development.

The camps would help to create technology advancement. The camps would have a core focus in using technology in innovative ways for kids to experience the outdoors. It would allow them to build networks, create art and music, and socialize without allowing it to interrupt human-to-human communication.

The camp would begin as an independent company, but would have potential to merge with public school system. It would have the ability to grow by creating after school programs, on-campus support, and implement creative ways to use technology. Public schools could also challenge young minds by providing “technology free zones” for brainstorming between projects.

The camp would give parents the ability to address the underlying causes of anxiety and make use of technological skills developed by kids. The company would create revenue by partnering with pediatric doctors to suggest it as treatment for parents dealing with anxious kids. Projects built by children could impress professionals and open doors for future generations to make use of social technology.

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