Why thinking about privacy tech is imprrative for digital identity

Non-governmental, decentralised, anarchic, rebellious systems are taking over the world everywhere as borne out by untameable winds from the dizzying growth of digital asset marketplaces (NFTs) to French protests against Covid lockdowns and the massive global hue and cry against government commissioned Israeli spyware Pegasus on unsuspecting civilians across the world. Citizens are waking up to their personal liberty and not only their need but their right to safeguard their privacy, and ownership of their data which is inextricably linked to their personal safety and well being. Pegasus’ role in…

Police Brutality on Unarmed Student Protesters in Uttar Pradesh India DEC 2019 under Modi Govt.

What do we want the new decade to usher in?

An Year in Cryptoland !

The success of any new invention is measured by the ecosystem that develops around it.

Bitcoin and its successors have made giant strides in the past 2 years. The skepticism of the incumbents and the traditional players has paved way for acceptance, if reluctant and grudging. While the early adopters of bitcoin and crypto were eager category-jumpers, the traditionalists (like the J.P.Morgans, …

Banks have been bezos’d…

Google has introduced current accounts to users

Amazon has become a payment processor for its millions of vendors

Facebook created Libra cryptocurrency for global payments

Facebook made a failed bid to acquire Algorand, a serious blockchain protocol that is touted to be Ethereum competitor

Apple launched a credit card!

Alibaba owns almost all the banking rails, and has amassed mighty fund management muscle too

Banks successfully neutered the threat of Fintech 1.0 by acquiring them, investing in them, partnering with them, and effectively fending off disruption

  1. Despite their heavy warchests, and many acquisitions and partnerships with Fintech 1.0, …

IPO Pricing — Why do they get it so wrong, and at whose expense?

IPO Pricing — Why do they get it so wrong, and at whose expense?

Who is disenchanted with the IPO of the Silicon Valley ‘Tech Startup’, oh wait — the office space provider with a tech slant — Wework, and the subsequent meltdown in its valuation?

SoftBank, the lead investor, had pumped We Work’s valuation to $47 bn , with over $10 billion of earlier investments, in the run up to its IPO to be led by JP Morgan, which floundered spectacularly bringing down WeWork’s latest valuation to $8 billion. …

Logical proof for the redundancy of Investment Banks :

I have been arguing for years that investment banking is redundant in the new tech stack and the market paradigm of digital marketplaces with electronic platforms enabling efficient price discovery, and substituting community oversight for governance and centrally managed trusted third parties.

Infact, I was the first to elucidate this concept in my pioneering white paper on disintermediating investment banks when it comes to public capital raising.

I argued that all 3 key original functions of investment banks are substitutable or redundant, namely

  1. Finding Investors for companies

2. Suggesting the optimal…

Bengaluru Fintech Summit 30–31 May 2019

Fintech Storm hosts a landmark Bengaluru Fintech &Crypto Summit 30–31May to identify promising emerging tech startups and catalyse the startup funding ecosystem

“ Young techies and entrepreneurs should step up to pave way for India’s tech leadership in the fourth industrial revolution. It’s time for Indian unicorns to emerge in fintech, AI, blockchain, crypto.”

— Arifa Khan

BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, April 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fintech Storm hosts a landmark Bengaluru Fintech & Crypto Summit 30–31 May, to identify and catalyse promising startups in emerging technologies and match them with the investor ecosystem.


The fading of VC has begun…

The slow but sure erosion of VC relevance in the modern economy

In the long run, the human race, the stars, supernovas, the galaxies will all extinguish.. So it’s not a question in a darwinistic evolution whether a specific species will go extinct. But, in the accelerated technological evolution that was triggered by the internet, many centuries and decades-old business models and businesses are fading out. With the new trigger of cryptocurrencies, another cataclysmic event, we will begin to see another series of species fade out. Those species operate in the business of money.

IPO Spring is here. Lyft IPO — Takeaways for every investor.

Wealth Creation Lesson 101

Lyft, the ride sharing app made famous by its better known competitor Uber, has gone public today.

The Lyft IPO kicked off 29 March 2019 with a NASDAQ listing. So, what’s in it for everyone? Let us dissect the process step by step and learn how the common man can benefit from these IPOs.

Let’s analyse who got a lift in their wealth with the Lyft IPO:

Lyft raised more than $2 billion in its IPO, which puts its market valuation of Lyft upon listing…

Arifa Khan

Founder & CEO of Himalaya Capital Exchange — A next gen stock exchange on smart contracts

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