What is DGCAMP ?

  • Disintermediation of Investment Banking by a Digital Asset Issuance Platform:
  • Cost saving, for example: Taking Away IPO fees of 7–10%
  • De-risking of issuance process : Eliminating counter-party and settlement risks
  • Post-issue management of investor base and performance reporting
  • Digital coupon and dividend distribution
  • Global Open Access Trust-less Platform for direct interaction between Investors and Capital-seekers
  • Global efficient capital flows between countries
  • Potential App Market Place for Asset Management Industry and intermediaries to build on our Core Platform
  • Reputation scoring of investors and issuers enabled over time
  • Potential platform for independent service providers to sell Research, Due Diligence, Legal and Regulatory Products
  • Decentralisation of Access to Capital!
  • Decentralisation of Innovation!
  • Play the role of an exchange
  • Play the roles of an investment bank in an IPO or Bond issuance.
  • Everything a Kickstarter can do
  • Everything an equity crowd-funding platform can do
  • Everything a peer to peer lending place can do.



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Arifa Khan

Arifa Khan

Founder & CEO of Himalaya Capital Exchange — A next gen stock exchange on smart contracts